Learner’s Licence

A-Plus is one of only a handful of driving schools who give individual training on a personal basis. The training is done exclusively by only one instructor who has specialised in this subject matter. He is able to accommodate three persons at a time with ease. He can also cater for persons with specific learning disabilities.

Our program is structured to satisfy two objectives. Firstly we want to ensure that our clients are fully conversant with the Rules of the Road and the Traffic Signs in order for them to have total confidence behind a steering wheel. Secondly we want them to do the test with the least stress and to pass with flying colours.

A Plus Driving School Centurion Learners Licence
A Plus Driving School Centurion Learners Licence
A Plus Driving School Centurion Learners Licence

We present the training in a lecture room, situated in a tranquil garden setting. The training is designed to accurately simulate the actual experience at the Testing Centre. This is achieved by using the official training material compiled by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). This material is only supplied to driving schools who are registered with, and accredited by, the HSRC. In this way we ensure that our clients are fully prepared and that there are no unexpected surprises on the day of the test. Also, and this is extremely important, that no-one is involved in anything illegal. The training is presented in three sessions:

Session 1 - We supply all the necessary study material, including supplementary notes, and we give comprehensive guidance on the use of the material.

Session 2 - After a reasonable period of studying the client writes a preparatory test which is compiled by the HSRC. The material and conditions exactly simulate the actual test. Upon completion the client is given meticulous feedback with the use of photographs, sketches and models.

Session 3 - On the morning of the big day, or the day preceding, the client writes a second preparatory test. Once again meticulous feedback is given together with revision of the previous test. At this stage we are satisfied that the client is as well prepared as is possible.

Note: The one thing that we will never do is to sell the questionaires used for the actual test, even if we had access to them. Besides it being illegal and fraudulent, we will not endanger our clients or other road users. We consider a motor vehicle to be a far more lethal weapon than a firearm in the hands of unprepared and incompetent drivers. Our integrity and reputation is not negotiable, nor for sale.

A Plus Driving School has a reputation for honesty and integrity and agrees to comply fully with all applicable anti-corruption laws.

A Plus Driving School will also not be held liable for any claims, losses, or damages arising from or related to failure by our client his parent, spouse and or any related person for non compliance with any anti-corruption laws.

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