Driver’s Licence

A Plus Driving School Centurion Drivers Licence
A Plus Driving School Centurion Drivers Licence
A Plus Driving School Centurion Drivers Licence

Our training is primarily designed to produce competent, knowledgable and confident drivers. We achieve this by ensuring that the client successfully masters all the skills necessary to operate the class of vehicle which they intend driving.

The training methodology we make use of requires a strict adherance to a specified set of training modules. We continually evaluate, give feed-back and set goals throughout a training session. We also give our clients supplementary material to assist them whilst practicing privately.

Our most distinctive feature is that we are the only driving school in Centurion with a private training ground that is laid out precisely in accordance with the specifications applicable to all Testing Centres.

We’re also the only driving school that uses Ford Bantam bakkies, exclusively, because of their easiness to drive and park. We have six of these bakkies, of which four are 2010 models. The other two are no older than 2006. All our vehicles are fitted with foot brakes on the passenger side, as specified by law, for use in an emergency.

We give training for Code A (all classes of motorcycle), Code B (ex code 8), Code EB (ex code 8 with trailer) and Code EC1 (ex code 10). We also have extensive experience in the training of persons with hearing disabilities.

What Makes Us Unique?

The fact that:

  • We don’t share facilities with other driving schools - so the exclusive use of our grounds is guaranteed to our clients.
  • We don’t waste training time looking for unused areas where we can hastily prepare parking facilities by haphazardly setting out orange cones.
  • We don’t expect our clients to pay extra for the use of these facilities during training.
  • We do place these facilities at the disposal of our clients who wish to practice privately, at a nominal fee.

Driver Training Grounds

Having private training grounds provides A-Plus with an exclusive and unique training facility where the actual test is simulated. Unlike our competitors we don’t have to look for un-used parking lots where orange cones are put out in a haphazard way.

This facility is a restricted area which is used exclusively for the training of our clients in an undisturbed and safe environment. It can accommodate three students simultaneously who are learning to park, as well as a fourth who is being taught the basic skills of driving. It also provides for motorcycle training

Waiting area

We have an under-cover waiting area furnished with comfortable chairs for those who wish to read or relax whilst waiting. There is also a work station, it has an electrical outlet for those who wish to work whilst waiting. Provision is also made for those who would like to sit and watch while training is being done.

You may, if you wish, also use our office as a waiting area during inclement weather conditions.

A Plus Driving School has a reputation for honesty and integrity and agrees to comply fully with all applicable anti-corruption laws.

A Plus Driving School will also not be held liable for any claims, losses, or damages arising from or related to failure by our client his parent, spouse and or any related person for non compliance with any anti-corruption laws.

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