About Us

Some Background

A-Plus Driving School (A-Plus) came into being in 1984 when the late Johan Engels, a testing official at the Driver’s Licence Testing Centre (DLTC), Centurion, was asked to help prepare the son of a friend for his test. His reputation was soon established and requests started coming in fast and furious until his services became so sought after that he identified a possible business opportunity. After some deliberation he decided to take the leap and committed himself to this new venture.

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Having done this he developed a business concept and training methodology designed primarily to satisfy three objectives.

Firstly, it was imperative that the standard of training would imbue our students with all the skills required to be competent drivers, a requirement of tremendous importance to him.

Secondly, he wanted to make the testing experience as enjoyable as possible, which he achieved by removing the fear factor.

Thirdly, he wanted to provide a service based on honesty, integrity, a high success rate and value-for-money.

The success of the concept and methodology went far beyond his expectations - in fact the methodology was so successful that a number of driving schools have attempted to copy the same training techniques. These primary objectives and principles still remain the values upon which A-Plus is run.

As the demand for his services grew he rented a property and laid out a terrain to the exact specifications prescribed for all testing centres. He went one step further and instituted a Learner’s Licence training service. A-Plus gained a reputation as an institution of excellence due to its success rate and professionalism see Training Grounds

After Johan passed away in 1998 his wife, Alida, carried on with the business. In order to facilitate expansion she began employing inexperienced people whom she trained in the unique method which was to become a trademark of A-Plus. A unique and very successful Learner’s Licence Training Programme was developed to serve as a self-contained entity within A-Plus - see Services

The business grew to such an extent that it became necessary to expand its facilities. It subsequently re-located to its present site. Here it continues to uphold the standards set by Johan Engels insofar as training excellence, success rate, value-for-money and high ethical standards are concerned.

Throughout its existence A-Plus has always run its business activities from an office. We don’t subscribe to the concept of running our business from our vehicles, as is the practise with the majority of driving schools. Our instructors’ sole task is to train our clients – not to spend time on the phone hunting for or discussing business. In fact, we have a very strict policy governing the use of cellphones during training.


About Our People

A-Plus Driving School employs only fully certified Instructors, certified with the Department of Transport. They have to pass an annual exam (learners as well as drivers licence) to remain certified instructors. This also include a full medical examination. They work with integrity and are skilled and experienced in the service they deliver.

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